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V-port ball valve

1. V type ball valve is suitable for use on various kinds of pipelines of Class150~Class300 or PN16~PN40.
2. There are two kinds of applications for V type ball valve according to customer's different requirement. One is used for cutting off or switching on the pipeline medium. The other is used as control valve for regulating the medium flow capacity in pipelines. Operation manners for cutting off V type ball valve include manual, worm gear, pneumatic or electric actuators, where as for regulating V type ball valve, operation manners are of pneumatic and electric actuators.
1. One piece body
One piece integral body, the strength is high, stress deformation resistance is strong, has no central flange, confinement reliability is improved, has no bending transition at the flow passage, not accumulate, not block, has little influence upon the fluid.
2. For V type ball valve, the beveling spring or pillar spring loaded movable seat design has been employed, which is reliable in seal and of long service life as there is no such problem as clenching or disjointing.
3. It features the function of slipping between the ball with cutting edge and metal seat, which is particularly suitable for the medium containing fiber, solid particles, thick fluid, and so on...
4. When the valve is fully open, flow capacity is big, pressure loss is small, and the medium would not deposit in the body cavity.
5. Being impact in structure and extensive in common use. The cutting off V type ball valve features perfect sealing property and may replace gate valve, globe valve and

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