Product Introduction

Knife gate valve , also known as slurry gate valves. introduced into China from the eighties. The range of applications are very large, for mining¡¢Power plant coal preparation¡¢discharge refuse¡¢slag¡¢to the city¡¯s sewage treatment¡¢cement slurry transport¡¢paper mills¡¢food¡¢health¡¢medicine, and other professional pipeline.Design with its slim¡¢small size¡¢light weight¡¢small spoiler, no accumulation of  slag, easy to install, easy to disassemble, the advantages completely solve the baffles large space, slag accumulation, install and maintenance problems more better and easy than the ordinary gate valve, flat gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, regulating valve, butterfly valve. Thus the common cut class valve and regulator valve are replaced by knife gate valve.

Application Medium:

Gold mine powder, tailings, ore, slag, slime, gravel, steel dry residue, pulp, wood pulp, cement slurry, fibers, dust, powder, grain, chemicals sewage treatment, slaughterhouse waste, urban sewage, sedimen-tation tanks, asphalt, silos pass in and out, fruit, cereal beer, beverage, oil, steam, gas transportation, and power plant water supply and drainage, slag, etc.

Procurement notice:

1. Users to buy, must indicate the valve working conditions, the fluid medium, working pressure , medium temperature, nominal diameter and valve material and quantity.

2. Valves required for any special requirements, the customer must provide drawings and indicated in the purchase and sales contracts, factory for production according to customer requirements.

3. The brand and model of the valve actuator, such as no special requirements description, be in the stan-dard model of the device.


Technical Parameter Range

Design and manufacture: JB/T8691-1998¡¢MSS-SP-81

Face to Face: GB/T15188.2-94¡¢MSS-SP-81

Testing and acceptance: GB/T13927-92

Flange Driling: GB/T9113.1-2000    JB/T79-94   JIS 10K.

            ANSIB16.5 150LB   EN1092(DIN,BS,NF) PN10  PN16

Body Material: cast iron(HT250/GG25)  ductile iron(QT450/GGG45)

             cast steel(WCB)   stainless steel(CF8, CF3M)    

             chromium-molybdenum steel(ZG1Cr5Mo)

             dual-phase steel(06Cr25Ni20

Sealing material: rubber(NBR,EPDM)   

              tetrafluoroethylene (VITON,PTFE)    


              stainless steel(Cr13,304,316,25250)

              cemented carbide(STL/K20/YG8)

              the engineering ceramic(AL203)

Seal structure: one-way seal, bi-directional sealing

   Valve structure: inside screw or outside screw, penetration or double


   Yoke Type: Triangle-style, four-poster, steel plate, inside plate

   Connection Type: round flange, Full lug (quincuncial), Lug (wafer)

   Nominal Diameter: DN50-DN2000 the NPS 2¡± to 80¡± (can be designed according to customer demand, DN40, DN225, special caliber¡¢larger caliber)

Operating Temperature: -40¡æ-900¡æ £¨subject specific selection

                    temperature range£©

Nominal pressure: DN50 to 600 (0.6Mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 10K,


               DN700-DN1200 (0.25Mpa, 0.6Mpa, 1.0Mpa)

               DN1400-DN2000(no test)

Actuating device: hand wheel (DN50-DN600)

               Sprocket and chain (DN50-DN2000)

               Pneumatic actuators (DN50-DN1000)

               Electric actuator (DN50-DN2000)

               Bevel gear drive (DN50-DN2000)

               Hydraulic actuators (DN50-DN1200)






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