Ceramic valvesProduct Introduction

Ceramic valve according to different uses ,different temperature and medium replacement ,material , especially for high wear ,high temperature ,high pressure and other harsh conditions ,ceramic valves also demonstrated its superior performance .Ceramic valves in additional to use for the environment with high wear ,corrosion ,outstanding special the point is a long service life ,cost performance is better than the other comparable metal  valves . With the development and progress of science and technology ,the ceramic  material from the formulation ,,molding machining and assembly process technology is more mature and complete .Ceramic valve for its outstanding performance .get  more and more recognition of the valve industry .

Application :

Thermal power plants ,iron and steel ,petroleum ,chemical ,paper .bio-engineering ,and other industries . For boiler steam .lime slurry containing particles of sea water send . high hardness particles containing soft particles and corrosive media ,powder ,flue gas desulfurization ,ash , slag ,water supply treatment

Performance  advantage :

1 Ceramic valve with valve sealing parts and wearing parts in the high-tech new ceramic structural materials .ceramic materials chemical stability and hardness high (Rockwell hardness HRC90) second only to diamond ,therefor the valve has a very high resistance to wear ,corrosion erosion resistance ,and insulation Termal  expansion ,greatly extending the life of the valve

2 Ceramic  valves can greatly improve the fluency of industrial piping systems ,sealing ,can reduce the maximum disclosure .so as to protect the environment .

3 Use ceramic valves can greatly reduce the number of replacement valve repair ,improve equipment  operation supporting system security ,stability ,saving set in repair costs .

4 Wide range of low-cost raw material for the manufacture of ceramic ,aluminum ,carbon ,silicon ,and the other common factors can produce superior performance ceramic material can save a large number of metal materials and rare mineral  resources 

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