Quotation Validity

This quotation is valid for 30 days from the date quotation is sent. Validity on special metals, including Stainless Steel, is 14 days from the date the quotation is sent. All products offered from stock are subject to prior sale.

Force Majeure

If in the case of an act of war, riot, fire, explosion, flood, or any other circumstances of whatsoever nature which are beyond thecontrol of the seller and which in any way affect the ability of the seller to fulfill its delivery obligations, the delivery is hindered, impeded, or delayed the seller shall be exonerated from all responsibilities and reserves the right to postpone the delivery beyond the original schedule.

Purchase Orders

All buyer's purchase orders supplied to the seller are to be written in the English or Chinese language.

Intellectual Property

All specifications, illustrations, drawings, certificates, and other particulars supplied by seller remain the intellectual property of the seller and should not be disclosed to any third party without the prior written consent of seller. 


No contract may be canceled by the buyer except upon written notice to seller and upon payment to seller of all costs incurred by the contract arising out of,or in connection with, the contract. Export of goods covered hereby is subject to Chinese Customs Policy. Standard stocking items will be subject to a twentyfive percent (25%) restocking and/or cancellation charge. Nonstandard stocking items will be subject to a one hundred percent (100%) restocking and/or cancellation charge.

Cancellation Charge

The following indicates the rates of cancellation charge of contract value for project manufactured items and/or special engineered items at various stages of production:Time of cancellation: Order Acknowledgement and prior to Engineering engagement. Cancellation Charge: 10% Time of cancellation: After start of engineering but prior to release to production. Cancellation Charge: 30% Time of cancellation: After release to production but prior to completion of fabrication. Cancellation Charge: 80% Time of cancellation: After completion of fabrication. Cancellation Charge: 100%

Return of Goods

No product shall be returned to seller without written authorization and shipping instructions having been obtained from seller. Products authorized for returns are to be shipped freight prepaid to the FOB manufacturing point, unless otherwise notified, and are subject to seller's standard re-stocking fees.


CTV's are available at no charge upon request. The seller's standard document package is per ISO 10474 3.1B requirements. Additional requested documentation is subject to Charge.


All prices quoted are in USD as per the preceding pricing schedule. The minimum order value is $5,000.00 (five thousand dollars), unless otherwise agreed to by seller. If for some reason any items are changed or additions to the order required, seller reserves the right to adjust prices accordingly. All sales are subject to approval of seller's credit department. If buyer fails to meet the agreed upon and established commercial terms of the contract, the seller may withhold all subsequent deliveries until such time that the original commercial terms of the contract have been met by the buyer (or subsequent commercial terms have been agreed upon by the seller with the buyer).

Payment terms

All terms are to be negotiated. Irrevocable Letter of Credit is preferred.


All items quoted are ExWorks / FOB our port in SHANGHAI or NINGBO China. The seller fulfills the obligation to deliver when the goods are made available at the seller's premises. The seller agrees (on the seller's premises) to load the items on the buyers scheduled mode of transportation. The equipment quoted shall be packed in accordance with seller's standard packing procedure. Any additional packaging requesting by the buyer is the responsibility of the buyer, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the seller. Shipments may be billed either third party billing to the buyer or freight collect. Shipment dates offered above are forecasted delivery leadtimes and are estimated from the date payment terms (acceptable to seller) are established, clarification is received on all technical information, and resolution of customerí»s written approval of drawings is received (when required).

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